CORE Group
Polio Project

The CORE Group Polio Project (CGPP) is a multi-country, multi-partner initiative providing financial support and on-the-ground technical guidance and support to strengthen host country efforts to eradicate polio. A U.S secretariat serves as a global partnership liaison and provides overall technical assistance and financial management in each country to maximize and harmonize resources and coordinate collaboration among partners. Several CORE Group member organizations come together to implement the CORE Group Secretariat model, a time-tested mechanism for increasing coordination and collaboration. Central to the model and to each CGPP country site is an in-country secretariat- a small team of neutral, technical advisors, independent from any one implementing partner. The Secretariat team facilitates communication, coordination, and transparent decision-making among all partners-unifying the community-level expertise of iNGOs and local NGOs with the international knowledge and strategies of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) partners.

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