The COVID-19 global pandemic presents a tremendous challenge and opportunity to create a faster, more efficient response around the world, especially in the hardest to reach communities. To slow down the spread of COVID-19, efficiency and speed are of the essence.

CORE Group has teamed up with NeedsList to develop the C19 Virtual Marketplace, an online platform to connect in real-time the needs of local communities with the appropriate resources to prevent and respond to COVID-19. Leveraging NeedsList’s dynamic platform and CORE Group’s trusted network of local nonprofits, private sector, and Ministry of Health representatives, we have developed a custom platform and coordination mechanism for our partners and networks to request and fill COVID-19 needs for:

  • Commodities such as masks, surgical gloves, other PPE, sanitation kits, or medical equipment
  • Knowledge management, training, and communication materials.

The platform was implemented in KenyaSomalia, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Nigeria in May 2020, extending to India in May 2021.

Are you a supplier or an organization interested to join the platform?

Contact David Imbago at for more information.


Visit the CORE Group C19 Virtual Marketplace