Angola National Malaria Coordination Workshop

In by Avani Duggaraju

Summary: Angola National Malaria Workshop Summary August 25-27, 2009

Final Report: Angola National Malaria Workshop August 25-27, 2009 Final Report

Agenda: Angola National Malaria Workshop Agenda


Day 1 – Morning

The Role of NGOs in Implementing the National Malaria Control Strategic Plan


Workshop Objectives and Agenda
Paula Figueiredo, Consaúde,Lda

National Malaria Control Strategic Plan in Angola 2008 – 2012
Filomeno Fortes, NMCP

Expansion of Malaria Control Interventions in Angola – GFATM R7
Fatima Saiundo, GFATM/MOH

President’s Malaria Initiative in Angola Jules Mihigo, PMI/CDC
Francisco Saute, PMI/USAID

HAMSET Project MOH-World Bank
Ndoza Luwawa, HAMSET

Esso Exploration Angola
Luzia Culanda, ESSO Angola

Chevron Program to Combat Malaria
Ana Ruth Louis, Chevron

Day 1 – Afternoon


IMCI Strategy in Angola
Fernanda Severino, DNSP

CORE Group Introduction
Shannon Downey, CORE Group

Community IMCI
Shannon Downey, CORE Group

MACIS Introduction
Enid Wamani , MACIS

Community Prevention and Control of Malaria in Uganda
Enid Wamani , MACIS

Day 2 – Morning

Strategies for the Prevention of Malaria in the Community

Roundtable 1 : Management of Malaria Cases: Current Efforts and Potential Resources


CDI for Innovative Malaria Service Delivery
William R Brieger, JHPIEGO

Private Sector Distribution of ACTs
Joana Rosário, MENTOR

Outreach Supervision to Improve Malaria Diagnostics and Case Management
Luis Benavente, MCDI

Integrated Program for Malaria
Alexandre Matondo, Episcopal Relief & Development

Roundtable 2: Current Efforts and Potential Resources to make ITNs Available to Communities


Results of LLIN Strategy Nairobi Workshop
Filomena Silva, NMCP

Strategies to Accelerate Distribution & Use of LLINs
Nkanga K. Guimarães, UNICEF

Role of NGOs in the Distribution of ITNs to the Community – Africare
Wirsiy Peter, Africare

Social Marketing of ITNs in Angola – PSI
Luis Fernando Martinez, PSI/Angola

Permanet ® 3.0 Mosquito Net Combination
James Titelman, CICCI

Day 2 – Afternoon

Roundtable 3 : Integrated Disease and Vector Control


Revitalization of Municipal HS-Integration of Disease Control in Community
Hamadassa Pia Toure, UNICEF

Vector Resistance to Insecticides in Africa
Kwame Asamoa, CDC

Anti-Vector Program for Malaria Control
Célia Roca, Co-Cuban

Integrated Anti-Vector Project
Paul Chiuima, Malaria Supervisor- Cabinda

Malaria Control in Emergencies in Kunene Province
Zeferino Half, NMCP

Roundtable 4 : Malaria in Pregnancy (MIP)


MIP – Updates and Issues Surrounding IPTp
Kwame Asamoa, CDC

Prevention & Control of MIP & Children in Huambo & Kwanza South
Nohra Villamil T, Save the Children

Improving the Quality of MIP Services in Angola
William R Brieger, JHPEIGO

Day 3 – Morning

Roundtable 5 : Successes, Constraints and Challenges in Effective Implementation of the National IEC


Advocacy, Social Mobilization and Media for the Prevention of Malaria in the Community
Filomena Wilson, National Directorate of Public Health

Health Promotion Strategy for Prevention of Malaria
Filomena Wilson, National Directorate of Public Health

PMI Experience with BCC
Beatrice Divine, CDC / CCID / NCZVED

ADPP Malaria Program in Communities Experience
Evaristo Waya, ADPP

IEC Under Round 7 Global Fund
Wendy Prosser, PSI