From Theory to Practice: M&E Approaches to Strengthen and Evaluate HCD Projects

Wednesday, September 14, 2022
Hosted by CORE Group M&E Working Group

The field of global health faces many complex challenges in achieving sustainable health goals, including challenges in being responsive to the needs of health program participants and stakeholders.

 Human-centered design (HCD) is “a way of thinking that places the people you are trying to serve and other important stakeholders at the center of the design and implementation process” (USAID Center for Innovation and Impact) so that interventions can meet the needs of the people and contribute to lasting and equitable impact. HCD involves iterative research, data collection, and hypothesis testing throughout the design and implementation process.

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is thus an essential component of HCD; but how does this work in practice, and how can M&E contribute to HCD projects?

In this webinar, we will gather experts who will dive into their experience with HCD measurement and discuss practical realities of how measurement can inform, strengthen, and evaluate HCD projects. While the session will touch on HCD and design theory, panelists will focus on real-world examples that will help participants understand M&E approaches for a variety of applications of HCD in different contexts. In addition to sharing experiences and best practices, the panelists will also invite discussion and questions from the audience so that participants can leave the session with tangible and useful takeaways for their own work.


  • Juanita Rodriguez, ThinkPlace
  • Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim (Bram) Brooks, Pathfinder International
  • Debora Freitaz Lopez, University Research Co.

View a recording of the webinar