Making the “local” work in localization: strategies for supporting community-based actors to increase access to health care

Tuesday, June 6, 2023
Hosted by CORE Group

There is increasing attention and changes in how development agencies are doing business given the push to localize development, particularly by USAID. USAID defines localization as the set of internal reforms, actions, and behavior changes that they are undertaking to ensure their work puts local actors in the lead, strengthens local systems, and is responsive to local communities. How localization will best benefit local groups is under debate. Is the ultimate measure of success an increase in the number of local organizations that are direct recipients of USAID funding and other donors’ funding? Or is success better defined by their ownership of approaches and solutions even as a sub recipient? This session seeks to explore this issue and provide perspective on how CORE Group can contribute to progress to strengthening local ownership of development. Watch the recording here