Where Is The Collaborative Advantage? Reflections and a Call To Action from HSR2016

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The 2016 Health Systems Research Symposium was held in Vancouver, Canada, upon the theme of “Resilient and Responsive Health Systems for a Changing World.” This event is mainly organized by Health Systems Global (HSG) every two years. HSG is one of the first international membership organizations fully dedicated to promoting health systems research and knowledge translation. HSG currently has over 1,500 members across 96 countries.

This event is the 4th of its kind, and welcomed 2,062 delegates from 101 countries, who were able to participate and dialogue at over 300 sessions this year. The next HSR symposium will take place in Liverpool, UK in 2018.

Now more than ever, successful global health programming needs to coordinate with stakeholders and determinants inside and outside the traditional health sector to sustainably improve health outcomes among populations in need. During this conference report-out, presenters shared key, high-level takeaways from the HSR2016 conference, with a focus on applicable examples and new insights that highlight the complex, multi-sectorial framework that health systems operate within, and demonstrated successes that have resulted from increased collaboration and coordination amongst traditional and non-traditional stakeholders. The presentation concluded with a call to action on improved cooperation.

CORE Group will continue this conversation via the CC-HSS Working Group. To subscribe to the Working Group listserv, please send a blank email to hss-subscribe@lists.coregroup.org


pdf Allison Annette Foster – Presentation                              
pdf Xian Zhang – Presentation                                            

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