Images Save Lives: Improving Health Communications and Messaging Through Images

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Hosted by Hesperian Health Guides

Using informative images in print materials and digital communications can greatly enhance and improve health messages – making information more accessible and inviting across languages and literacy levels. It can be challenging for content and curriculum developers to conceptualize effective images and include them in a way that compliments and adds meaning and clarity to text. Hesperian Health Guides, publisher of Where There Is No Doctor, has over 40 years of experience incorporating line drawing-style images into our books and resources to make them more useful at the grassroots level for health education and training.

  • Highlighted the value of incorporating images into health messaging and materials in order to improve outcomes and briefly outlined Hesperian’s experience as a health content developer focused on both text and images
  • Provided a “walking tour” of Hesperian Images, an online database of over 12,000 health and development related images available for use in health materials creation
  • Provided best practices from an editorial and standpoint for designing health materials that incorporate images as a central messaging component alongside text.