Applying the Principles for Digital Development to M&E

Tuesday, October 23, 2018(9:00am-10:30am )
Hosted by CORE Group's M&E Working Group

This webinar focused on how the Principles for Digital Development (PDD) can be applied to selecting and using digital and mobile monitoring and evaluation tools. Sharing sessions included:

  • Allana Nelson, Digital Impact Alliance, reviewed the thinking and rationale behind the nine Principles and how these Principles can help you and your team select the choice and creation of technology-enabled programs. Allana also shared how the Principles enable long-term program success and tools and resources available.
  • Hillary Eason, Chemonics International, discussed approaches for Principles for Digital Development-based training and capacity building, with a specific focus on how choosing appropriate technology can support sustainability for monitoring and evaluation technology-enabled usage.
  • Emily Nicholson, IntraHealth, discussed IntraHealth’s iHRIS, a human resources information system software that is used in over 20 countries. As the software was developed prior to PDD, IntraHealth is currently conducting a retrospective analysis of its software, asking how the software has embodied some or all of the Principles. Emily shared how the assessment’s utility will help prioritize modifications and adaptions moving forward.
  • Alfonso Rosales, World Vision, shared World Vision’s experience and lessons learned using mobile technology for Zika virus prevention. He will discuss the utility of the tools available, pitfalls, and best practices in selection and implementation.

Webinar recording (Adobe Connect)

View materials from the webinar: