CORE Group Country Collaboration Model: Joint NGO Implementation of Community-Based Treatment of Malaria in Rwanda

In by Lisa Hilmi

CORE Group


The paper discusses a program with the objective to pilot-test the ability of community health workers (CHWs) to provide anti-malarial treatment for uncomplicated malaria in rural community settings. It aimed to achieve this through 1-year pilot funding to three NGOs: Concern Worldwide, International Rescue Committee (IRC), and World Relief. The results indicate that Rwanda’s PNILP has adopted the community-based approach to distribution of anti-malarial medications as its national strategy and is working to expand the program to 12 of its 30 health districts. This represents a significant scaling-up of activities in a relatively short time frame. The collaborative process brought together multiple partners to achieve greater program impact, with the result of successfully training community health workers, implementation of community-based treatment of malaria, and ultimately, increased treatment of children under 5 years for fever.