CORE Group Country Collaboration Model: Development of a National Community Participation Policy in Cambodia

In by Lisa Hilmi

American Red Cross
CORE Group


This paper aims to discuss a project with the purpose to support a multi-sectoral, participatory process resulting in a national policy on community participation in health. The Community Participation Policy for Health (CPP) reached final draft in July 2008. CORE Group resources were used to facilitate a highly participatory process that engaged stakeholders at the national, provincial, district and community levels, and across a broad spectrum of governmental and private organizations involved in community health programs. The new policy broadens the range of activity options for community volunteers to include: surveillance, reporting, health promotion, community mobilization, and community-based treatment. Community volunteer activity under the prior set of policies was limited primarily to reporting between health centers and communities. The previous policy called for one male and one female volunteer per community and up to 35 per health catchment area. The CPP outlines a clear support structure for volunteers and defines incentives to be provided to the volunteer.