Can we halt health workforce deterioration in failed states? Insights from Guinea-Bissau on the nature, persistence and evolution of its HRH crisis.

In by Avani Duggaraju


CORE Group


Guinea-Bissau is heavily impacted by poverty, political unrest, and state withdrawal, leading to a failing health workforce (HW). This study analyzes the human resources for health (HRH) in the country, focusing on how health workers react to the turmoil. Document analysis, focus group discussions, and interviews were utilized for this study. The study shows that the HRH issues stem from a scarcity of funds and a consistent political instability, which stunt any health development. While there are no simple fixes for this issues, it is beneficial to look at the evolution of the health systems and understanding the forces behind the behavior of key actors. Thus, it is concluded that incentives must be used to improve the quality of the system, instead of relying on administrative orders.