Supply Chain Management Tools for CHWs: Getting the Data You Need to Manage Stocks

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Hosted by the Supply Chain Management Sub group of the iCCM task force

Data from the community level is crucial to inform resupply of CHWs and to allow for appropriate management of products and quantification. But can we facilitate recording and reporting without overburdening the CHWs?  Are you interested in learning more about how to design or redesign resupply tools for CHWs?

The presenters of this webinar showcased a set of generic supply chain management tools for CHWs and their job aids including options for low literacy CHWs, highlight the essential data elements to collect, show some practical examples of forms used by community health programs in example countries and discuss some of the principles to designing supply chain management tools for CHWS. The generic tools were recently developed for use in program start up or during refinement and scale up and are currently displayed on the CCM Central Website.

This webinar was Segment 4 in an an ongoing Supply Chain Management for Community Case Management webinar series. To view other segments of the series, please visit:


Segment 4 | Slides & Recording