ENGAGE-TB: Integrating community-based TB services into the work of NGOs and other CSOs

Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Hosted by the CORE Group HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis Working Groups

 In high HIV and TB burden settings, 6% – 15% of maternal mortality is attributed to TB. In Africa, three times as many women as men are dying from HIV-associated TB. Globally, only 66% of all TB cases are detected or reported. These challenges call for refined sustainable approaches to find missing persons with TB and ensure quality care. WHO’s ENGAGE-TB approach seeks to integrate TB prevention and care into the community based work of NGOs and other CSOs. These include organizations working in health care in areas such as MCH, HIV and NCD as well as in other development areas. Integration of community-based TB activities into existing MCH programs can have significant impact on maternal and child mortality and morbidity. In this webinar, WHO’s ENGAGE-TB approach was presented and methodology for integrating community-based TB activities into the existing portfolio of work of NGOs discussed.

Webinar Slides & Recording