Summary of Findings on Care Groups Sustainability Study in Mozambique

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Hosted by CORE Group's SBC Working Group in collaboration with the FSN Network SBC Task Force.

This webinar discussed a study conducted to assess the sustainability of Care Group Model (CGM) in Sofala province of Mozambique.  The objective of this research was to (1) evaluate the long-term impact of the use of CGM as a health promotion strategy, (2) measure sustainability of health gains, and (3) provide evidence-based recommendations for the scientific community, funders, and implementers who want to replicate the model or components of it in the future.  This study extended the KPC survey conducted in 2010 at the end of funding.  The sustainability of health impact from CGM was evaluated by re-administering the KPC survey in 2015.  Data analysis included the following areas of health impact: health messages shared by CGV’s, nutrition outcomes, feeding practices, vitamin A supplementation, deworming,  nutritional monitoring, diarrheal disease management, and hygiene and sanitation. We are not able to share the journal article at this point, but we will share it when it is released.



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