One Health & Well-Being: Toward Human-Nature Sustainability

Thursday, January 30, 2020(9:30am ET )
Hosted by CORE Group

On January 30th, CORE Group hosted an thought-provoking webinar on One Health and Well-Being. Earth has existed for over 4.5 billion years but in just two human generations we have managed to place our only ‘home’ at great risk. Dr. Lueddeke described the inter-dependencies among people, animals, plants, and their shared environment towards a goal of health and well-being for all. This webinar provided the space to discuss ways Global Health Practitioners can engage with the One Health community, and apply One Health principles and concepts to their own work.

Presenter: George R. Lueddeke PhD MEd Dipl.AVES (Hon.), is an educational adviser in higher and medical education. Dr. Lueddeke chairs the global One Health & Well-Being Education Task Force for the One Health Commission and the One Health Initiative as well as the international One Health for One Planet Education initiative. He has published widely on societal and educational transformation, innovation and leadership.

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