Maternal and Newborn Health in Crisis and Conflict

Thursday, February 16, 2017
Hosted by CORE Group's Reproductive, Newborn, and Adolescent Health Working Group.

Women in countries affected by conflict or crisis lack adequate access to basic health services which would otherwise save and improve lives. What is the current understanding of and global standard for responding to this need? Is the Minimum Initial Service Package enough? Do women and newborns have access to these resources? Where are the gaps? What can various stakeholders and actors do to bridge the gap between needed and available resources for the most vulnerable?

On this webinar, colleagues presented about the current capacity and future efforts to meet the unique health needs of women, including adolescents, and newborns caught in conflict and crisis.



pdf Jennifer Schlect’s Presentation
pdf Sarah Knaster’s Presentation
pdf Janet Meyers’ Presentation
pdf Elaine Scudder’s Presentation


Adobe Connect Webinar | Recording


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