Food Security, Climate Change, and Health: Women Leading the Response

Thursday, September 23, 2021
Hosted by CORE Group and Pathfinder
During this side event, co-hosted by CORE Group and Pathfinder, we discussed why food security is a gender issue, the links between climate change and food security, and initiatives to tackle these challenges.
Food security and gender are pillars of the CORE Group’s Climate Change program, Building an Equitable Future: Climate Action, Inclusivity, and Health. Pathfinder International has worked at the nexus of women and climate for almost a decade. Pathfinder’s women and climate programs have not only cleaned up the environment and made natural resources more sustainable but have also fostered gender equality and resilience—preparing communities to withstand shocks and stressors from climate change through the leadership of women and girls.
  • Dr. Kathleen Mar, Senior Associate, Women’s Leaders for Planetary Health
  • Mr. Muhammad Aslam Ghauri. Secretary Environment Protection, Climate Change & Coastal Development Department, Government of Pakistan
  • Pamela Onduso, Senior Advisor, Youth, Advocacy and Partnerships, Pathfinder
  • Toyosi Bakare, Founder, Action GX
  • Lisa Hilmi, Executive Director, CORE Group

Recording available