Fertility Awareness Methods – Two Approaches

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jeannette Cachan, Director of Capacity Building and IEC at Georgetown University’s Institute for Reproductive Health, presented two fertility awareness methods (FAM) including the Standard Days Method (SDM) and the Two Day Method (TDM) on Aug. 18, 2010. FAM is a cornerstone to women’s empowerment in that it allows a woman to control her own fertility, learning about these methods is vital to the advancement of maternal and child health.· This presentation provides an overview of SDM and TDM in terms of a basic informational overview of FAM; understanding what is involved in FAM counseling; becoming familiar with various tools to effectively implement FAM counseling; learning about the newest SDM and TDM guidelines and program resources; and identifying key issues in FAM integration.· Learn about how SDM and TDM are changing the face of women’s lives and empowerment.

Presentation: August 18, 2010

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Additional Resources

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Family Planning: A Global Handbook for Providers, 2007

Efficacy of the New TwoDay Method of Family Planning, Fertility, and Sterility, 2004

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