Scaling-up the Community-Based Health Workforce for Emergencies

In by Lisa Hilmi


Global Health Workforce Alliance <b \>
WHO <b \>
IFRC <b \>
UNICEF <b \>


This Joint Statement was developed by the Global Health Workforce Alliance together with the IFRC, UNHCR, UNICEF, and WHO. It aims at drawing attention to the vital role played by CHWs in emergency risk management; promoting the scale-up, training, and involvement of CHWs, and reinforcing the community-based health workforce. The Joint Statement covers the following areas: community-based actions are critical in managing emergencies; many different groups many different groups make up the community-based health workforce; the community-based health workforce contributes to healthier, safe and more resilient communities; the critical contribution of the workforce is not routinely recognized; existing health systems need to be well prepared for emergencies; health systems should reinforce PHC to be better prepared in emergencies; and what countries and partners can do.