Mtoto Mwerevu Stunting Reduction Toolkit

In by Lisa Hilmi

IMA World Health



The Mtoto Mwerevu Stunting Reduction Toolkit is a resource for government and organisations involved in addressing stunting and broader nutrition issues in Tanzania. Its goal is to provide government, donors, non-governmental organisations, and civil society organisations (CSOs) with programmeming recommendations and tools to help implement successful multi-sectoral social and behaviour change (SBC) interventions aimed at preventing and reducing

Working with the Government of Tanzania (GoT), the DFIDfunded ASTUTE stunting reduction programme developed the toolkit. The ASTUTE programme, implemented by IMA World Health, began in 2016 and works in five Lake regions of Tanzania: Mwanza, Shinyanga, Geita, Kigoma, and Kagera. During the programme, IMA has worked closely with government and project partners to develop several new tools (including checklists, guidelines, job aids, etc.) to address stunting for use by community volunteers, CSOs, and government at all levels.

Through the toolkit, you will learn about tools and approaches ASTUTE used to improve nutrition in the Lake zone of Tanzania. It may also help other regions identify and scale-up successful SBC and multi-sectoral nutrition interventions. All pieces of the toolkit align with the GoT National Multisectoral Nutrition Action Plan.

Mtoto Mwerevu Stunting Reduction Toolkit