Getting the Knack of NACS

In by Lisa Hilmi

CORE Group


Getting the Knack of NACS was a two-day state-of-the-art (SOTA) meeting aimed at taking stock of progress since the NACS meeting in Jinja, Uganda in 2010, examining the evidence base to date and further advancing the SOTA on NACS in the context of HIV and health care more broadly. While a wide range of issues emerged, some of the key ones were: Defining NACS, NACS is doable, Partnerships are critical, NACS is for everyone, Let’s do it well, What is the evidence?, NACS is not just curative, Demand needs to be created for nutrition services and Multi-sectoral linkages. The SOTA participants concluded that if we are to advance the NACS framework and realize its potential, NACS must be marketed to a wider audience; i.e., not just to USG partners, but to the international development community more generally.