Designing Participatory Meetings and Brownbags: A TOPS Quick Guide to Linking Development Practitioners

In by Avani Duggaraju

CORE Group
Food Security and Nutrition Network


Designing Participatory Meetings and Brownbags is part of a series of quick guides produced by the Technical and Operational Performance Support (TOPS) Program to improve knowledge sharing and program learning by development practitioners.

This quick guide provides suggestions and ideas for sessions that will be more conducive to learning, adoption, and action than the more traditional expert-led lecture in front of a passive audience. Underpinning the ideas presented in this guide is the belief that meeting participants have a wealth of useful experiences and ideas. Meetings and brownbags that can unlock the opportunity for sharing, discussion, and debate will produce the best opportunities for learning and a dynamic exchange of information.

The quick guide format, it is hoped, will make a number of easily adopted approaches and techniques accessible to a broad swathe of development practitioners.