A Sustainability Review of BHR/PVC-Funded Child Survival Projects in Bangladesh and Bolivia from 1985-1997: What’s Left after All These Years?

In by Lisa Hilmi

CORE Group


The Bureau of Humanitarian Relief/Private Voluntary Cooperation (BHR/PVC) committed itself to a field review of post-grant sustainability once during the life of the PVC Strategic Plan (1996-2000). In February-March, 2000, a consultant was contracted to do an exploratory study of the sustainability of child survival grants in two countries: Bangladesh and Bolivia. The study consisted of a review of available grant documents; interviews with current and former staff of each PVO and NGO partner and with government officials; and visits to the former working areas of three PVOs/NGOs with more recently-completed grants. The 32 grants included in the study were administered by 13 U.S. registered PVOs along with partners and community groups.It is hoped that this review of the experience with 32 grants in two countries in separate regions will provide a good indication of whether child survival programs are having a lasting influence on child and maternal health as well as suggest ways in which sustainability and the monitoring of sustainability can be more institutionalized within the child survival grants system.