Protibondhi Community Centre

The Protibondhi Community Centre(PCC) takes pride to announce that being with the people in desperate needs over the last 25 years by overcoming multifaceted challenges, it is going to celebrate a Silver Jubilee, for its 25th years anniversary on March 14, 2022. The organisation was established in 1996 by the Brothers of Taize, an ecumenical congregation of Christian community, under the special patronization and commitment of late Brother Frank Van het hof Taize and registered with both the Department of Social Services and NGO-Affairs Bureau of Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in 1997 and 2008 respectively. Since its inception, it has been working relentlessly for socio-economic and cultural emancipations of the most vulnerable people especially people with disabilities in desperate needs of specialised attention and services.

The PCC values humanity and works for holistic development and transformation of the most vulnerable populations with special focus on the crucial needs of the people with disabilities irrespective of race, ethnicities, religions, gender(diverse gender), professions (sex workers and others engaged in risky professions), refugees and others in desperate material, moral and spiritual needs by mobilising both internal and external resources, including those of private, institutional and government donors, avenues and provisions.