IntraHealth International

Mission / Vision
IntraHealth empowers health workers to better serve communities in need around the world. We foster local solutions to health care challenges by improving health worker performance, strengthening health systems, harnessing technology, and leveraging partnerships.
IntraHealth International, a non-profit organization headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is dedicated to improving the health status of individuals and families in developing countries around the world. We are a global champion for health workers, collaborating with governments and non-governmental and private sector organizations to strengthen their capacity to plan, manage, and support health workers. Our programs result in improved health outcomes by ensuring that health workers are present where they are needed; ready with the necessary skills and supports to deliver quality, integrated care; connected to information and networks designed to improve their performance; and are safe from work-related risks such as infection, as well as discrimination, violence, and conflict. For the past 34 years, IntraHealth has worked in 100 countries, implementing programs in family planning and reproductive health; maternal, newborn and child health; HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis; nutrition; social services; and non-communicable diseases. With an annual budget of $93 million, IntraHealth currently has over 600 staff working in 31 countries worldwide.