ChildFund International

Mission / Vision
ChildFund exists to help deprived, excluded and vulnerable children have the capacity to improve their lives and the opportunity to become young adults, parents and leaders who bring lasting and positive change in their communities. We promote societies whose individuals and institutions participate in valuing, protecting and advancing the worth and rights of children.
ChildFund takes a holistic and protective approach in its work that responds to the developmental and protection rights of children at each stage of life, from birth to early adulthood. We also pay special attention to the transitions between one stage and the next. Working through local partner organizations, we engage children and youth, their parents and families, and the communities and systems that support them in a process of social change that puts the child at the center and that they themselves own. ChildFund bases its programs on evidence of what works to promote development at each stage of a child’s life:
• For infants and young children ages 0 to 5, programs focus on ensuring improved nutrition, health, safety and early learning experiences.
• Programs for children and young adolescents ages 6 to 14, focus on increased learning, health, positive relationships with peers and adults, and skills for active participation in family, school and community life.
• Our programs for youth ages 15 to 24, focus on improved employment, sexual and reproductive health and civic engagement and leadership.

All aspects of a child’s life are interconnected. ChildFund’s approach mirrors this interconnectedness, providing an integrated package of evidence-based services that address all elements needed for a child’s long-term well-being.