Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute

Mission / Vision
CGBI seeks to promote increased quality of care and create an optimal breastfeeding norm through research, service and training. Our comprehensive approach prioritizes the reproductive health continuum, an intergenerational approach and the “Three B’s” (Birth, Breastfeeding, Birthspacing) and includes attention to local, national and global health issues that impact the mother and child dyad.

Vision: A world in which all mothers will be enabled to give every child the best start on life through optimal breastfeeding and related reproductive health including adequate birth spacing and healthy birth practices.
CGBI is housed in the Gillings School of Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We work on multiple grant funded initiatives to protect, promote an support breastfeeding, and also run the world’s only accredited Pathway 2 training program for Lactation Consultants. CGBI serves as technical breastfeeding content experts for domestic and global projects, providing consulting, education and training for health professionals.