Engaging New Allies in the Health Equity Movement: A Partnership Summit

Health Equity Initiative

February 23, 2018
515 Malcom X Boulevard, New York, NY

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Building on the elements that worked successfully in its inaugural 2016 summit, Health Equity Initiative’s 2018 Summit, Engaging New Allies in the Health Equity Movement: A Partnership Summit (February 23, 2018, New York, NY) will incorporate new themes that will expand the reach of the health equity movement. It will bring together health care professionals, community leaders, students, government staff, policymakers, community development leaders, urban planners, architects, transportation specialists, educators and public health practitioners, among others. The Summit will inform and engage participants through two distinct pathways: one dedicated to engagement through innovation think tanks and case studies on important determinants of health that emerged from the participants’ feedback at the 2016 summit; and the other dedicated to presentations, training, case studies and consensus building on strategies for multisectoral partnerships via community and public engagement.

Participants will:

  • Hear from experts from multiple sectors and disciplines
  • Engage in furthering the health equity agenda by acquiring skills and training to engage new allies in the health equity movement
  • Contribute to establishing a path forward on key priorities for health equity by participating in our Innovation Think Tanks
  • Share stories of community-driven leadership and solutions in support of health equity
  • Pledge new partnerships at the conference