CORE Group Polio Project Featured in Global Health Cluster Photo Essay

The Global Health Cluster published a new photo essay, “From the ground up: local partners improve health care,” featuring the work of Health Cluster local partners in Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Syrian Arab Republic, Sudan, Bangladesh, South Sudan, and Ukraine. The essay celebrates the capacity of local actors to provide sustainable services, which can reach the most vulnerable communities and withstand emergencies and conflict.

The featured organization in South Sudan is BioAid, a partner of CORE Group Polio Project (CGPP) South Sudan. Formed in November 2010, CGPP South Sudan supports a strong community-based surveillance network, nationwide campaign monitoring and critical cross-border work. The CGPP strategy of working with and through local NGOs has made CGPP South Sudan one of the only partners able to maintain Acute Flaccid Paralysis surveillance and social mobilizations activities despite the current conflict.

In the featured photo, BioAid worker Koma Samuel investigates a case of Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP), a symptom associated with the onset of polio, in a young boy in the village of Moloktoch.