HIV and TB State-of-the-Art Meeting

In by Avani Duggaraju

A one-day overview of HIV/TB: the State-of-the Art

Presented jointly by CORE Group’s HIV & TB Working Groups

Led by Janine Schooley of Project Concern International and Kayt Erdahl of Project HOPE.

October 6, 2009, Washington, D.C.

Thanks to World Vision for hosting the event.


Why is there persistent disconnect between TB and HIV efforts in many low-income countries, despite the known interrelatedness of the epidemics? What are the similarities, differences and unique areas of proposed overlap between HIV and TB programs in low-income countries? What are the bio-medical implications of TB/HIV co-infection, and how should these drive program design and implementation?

While it is well known that TB is the leading killer of people with HIV in many places, and conversely, that people with TB may be more likely to be HIV positive, the programming implications are still muddy, and the linkages weak. This one-day event examined these questions, and ways forward.
Critical issues specifically addressed:

  • How TB uniquely affects—and endangers—people with HIV
  • Why people with TB should be linked to HIV services
  • TB and HIV drug interactions, and the resulting treatment implications
  • Differences in TB/HIV co-infection and treatment for children
  • “Triple Trouble”…Nutritional issues exacerbated by co-infection, including the resulting drug regimens and stigma
  • Social drivers of the twin epidemics, including stigma
  • Barriers to building program linkages, including funding streams and “territoriality”
  • Implications for health systems strengthening efforts
  • Should “Integration” be the fourth “I”?
  • Actual country experiences with community-based TB/HIV integration efforts

Read through the presentations below for more about these key questions and concepts:

Overview: Controlling TB in the era of HIV
Christy Hanson, USAID

Stop TB Video: Fight AIDS, Fight TB, Fight Now
Featuring Winstone Zulu

Scaling up TB/HIV
Yared Kebede Haile, KNCV/TB CAP Project

Systems Strengthening: What’s New and What Can be Done?
Charlotte Colvin, PATH

Partnering with Communities: An Approach to Planning and Implementation
Elena McEwan, Catholic Relief Services

Triple Trouble: Malnutrition, TB and HIV
Serigne Diene and Camila Chaparro, FANTA Project

Pediatric HIV/TB Issues
Douglas Watson, University of Maryland

Project Experiences

TB CAP TB/HIV Tools and Country Experiences
Yared Kebede Haile, KNCV/TB CAP Project

Project Concern international Mexico: Lessons from a National Experience
Blanca Lomeli, Project Concern International

Integrating TB and HIV Services in Rural Northwest Cambodia: Making it Work!
Carrie Miller, Catholic Relief Services

Malawi TB and TB/HIV Program
Kayt Erdahl, Project HOPE