2005 – Dr. Robb Davis

In by Marc Pitre

Robb Davis has been the Chairman of CORE’s Board of Directors for the past three years, during which time he has successfully led the Board of Directors through several key strategic planning and direction setting processes and has supported the establishment of CORE Inc. as a viable non-profit organization. His excellence in leadership of the CORE Board and of the CORE network of PVO members has been demonstrated via expert meeting and conference facilitation, the stimulation of interactive and productive group dynamics, and the enthusiastic and unwavering dedication he has shown to CORE, its members, and to the health and well-being of women and children around the globe. Through CORE, Dr. Davis has influenced countless staff members, keeping them motivated and on track. He manages to combine humor and seriousness in a way that is powerful and meaningful.

During his tenure with CORE, Dr. Davis has also made a particular mark in three areas with relevance for maternal and children health: Malaria Control, Lot Quality Assurance Sampling, and the application of dialogue-based education principles. In all cases, Dr. Davis provided important leadership, energy and vision, while at the same time ensuring that practical, needs-based and community-oriented approaches were utilized.

As Freedom from Hunger’s Senior Vice President of Program Services, Dr. Davis has led or participated in revisions of Freedom from Hunger’s Breastfeeding and Infant and Child Feeding education modules, including HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care, Women’s Health and Family Planning education curricula, and led the design of a malaria prevention and treatment. He co-authored the LQAS manual, Assessing Community Health Programs: Using LQAS for Baseline Surveys and Regular Monitoring, and led the development of the CORE KPC Training of Survey Trainers field guide.

Dr. Davis’s experience in public health also includes work for World Vision and Catholic Relief Services, as well as a number of consultancies for a variety of national and international non-governmental organizations. For example, Dr. Davis made a significant contribution to the health and survival of vulnerable women and children while at CRS in the late 1990s. As Senior Health Technical Advisor, Dr. Davis was responsible for technical backstopping of child survival and maternal and child health projects in CRS country programs around the world.

Dr. Davis is a leader and teacher extraordinaire. He stimulates and facilitates, energizes and catalyzes. His ability to be organized and on target, yet in a relaxed manner with humor and goodwill, brings out the best in all around him. He is an exceptional human being, leader and contributor to the field of maternal and child health and nutrition, resulting in an impact that is felt at the global, national and local levels through the work of CORE members, Freedom from Hunger affiliates and the many other partners he has influenced in a positive manner over the years.

Dr. Davis holds a Ph.D. in Population Dynamics and an M.P.H. from Johns Hopkins University School of public Health.

Dr. Davis currently serves as Executive Director, Mennonite Central Committee.