The USAID Food Aid Product Mix: Presentation of Stakeholder Feedback

Thursday, November 16, 2017(11:30am-1:00pm )
Hosted by CORE Group Nutrition Working Group
Webinar Description

Food aid programs are often used in places where undernutrition is a major public health challenge. The USAID-funded Food Aid Quality Review Phase III (FAQR), implemented through Tufts University, has been conducting interviews with development, nutrition, and health practitioners working on USAID-funded programs that use food aid. In these interviews, FAQR asked: Does the mix of available food aid products meet programming needs? Is guidance on their use helpful and sufficient? How can donors better communicate about food aid with implementing partners? FAQR presented the responses to these questions, as well as elicited feedback from participants on their experience with these issues, and explored possible solutions with participants on the webinar.

  • Kristine Caiafa, Food Aid Quality Review, Tufts University;
  • Bea Rogers, Food Aid Quality Review, Tufts University
  • Shelley Walton, Food Aid Quality Review, Tufts University

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