The EquityTool

Tuesday, January 12, 2016
Hosted by CORE Group

Government and donor-supported social programs in developing countries prioritize serving the poor: those most in need, most at risk, or most marginalized. However, most programs never learn how well they have done, let alone being able to assess how they’re doing at the time of service provision. The EquityTool provides an easy-to-use, easy-to-interpret, free method to assess the wealth of program beneficiaries. And it is simple enough to use as an ongoing, real-time management tool. The EquityTool uses validated questions from DHS (6 to 18, depending on the country) and benchmarks to national or urban-only comparison groups. The survey works online or offline, is pre-translated into local languages, and can be completed quickly — in only 2-3 minutes. Each survey project, and the data collected, is housed in a cloud-based database that is unique to the organization.

The EquityTool ( is active for 31 countries with another dozen coming soon. It was developed in collaboration with a number of agencies including PSI, R4D, MSI, USAID, IFC, BroadBranch, and UNICEF.


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