Measurement of Social Capital

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Hosted by the CORE Group M&E and Child Community Health Working Groups

Despite the growing evidence linking social capital to improvements in health and health behaviors, reliable measures of social capital are lacking in low-income countries. To accurately measure social capital in new contexts, there is a need to validate social capital survey questions in each new cultural setting. In this webinar, Dr. Story described the process of validating social capital survey questions for use in larger population-based surveys, presented a case study of his work in Bangladesh creating a social capital survey instrument, and provided insight into social capital survey research in general (including suggestions for the measurement of group membership, social support, collective action, and social trust). Time was provided for questions and practical implications and measurement issues related to social capital were discussed. The full article Validating the Measurement of Social Capital in Bangladesh: A Cognitive Approach, can be found here.


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