Forging Resilience: Charting the Interplay of Climate Change and Global Health Equity

Wednesday, September 20, 2023
Hosted by CORE Group

In recent years, the undeniable impact of climate change on global health programs has come to the forefront, presenting a complex and urgent challenge across the developing world. In this series CORE Group members will delve into the critical intersection of climate change and its multifaceted effects on global health in order to further CORE Groups’ strategic response to climate action. By recognizing the unique vulnerabilities and opportunities faced by CORE Group members and their partners, we seek to foster a greater understanding of the intricate relationship between climate change and global health equity, including an exploration of successful adaptive measures to foster resilience in global health programming. Watch here. 

Webinar Objectives:
The intent of this webinar is to empower participants with knowledge, insights, and practical tools to address the critical relationship between climate change and global health through the following objectives:
1. Explore the current challenges and interplay that CORE Group members and partners are facing while navigating the spectrum of health risks and realities brought about by changing climatic conditions.
2. Illuminate adaptation strategies and tactics that have emerged as essential tools and approaches to confront the current and projected health ramifications of shifting climates, including inclusivity and equity.
3. Identify current trends and innovations to mitigate global health issues as a result of climate change.
Dr. Julie Dargis
Kate Kabore, CORE Group Global Health Fellow
Opening and Closing Remarks by Lisa Hilmi, CORE Group Executive Director