Case Studies

CORE Documentation Initiative

Documenting innovative, community-based field experiences enables CORE NGOs to share successes and lessons with donors, partners and other NGOs working in similar settings. In 2004, CORE Group began commissioning case studies and field stories on community-based programs to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Document maternal and child health improvements by the NGO community, working in partnership with other NGOs and collaborators. (Improvements may be reported as: improved health outcomes, increased coverage of population by intervention, increased equity in access to and use of services, improved behaviors, increased sustainability, or improved quality of services or capacity.)
  2. Identify and describe the key approaches, actions, partnerships, and/or tools that made the health improvements possible in a way that other implementing agencies/NGOs can understand and/or replicate, and to analyze the process used.

CORE Case Studies
CORE Stories from the Field