Steve Hansch

Team leader of evaluations
_2018 Evaluation of USAID’s Tuberculosis programs in DRC
_ 2015 Summative evaluation of BHA activities in Yemen
_2014 Formative evaluation of emergency programs in Yemen
_ 2011 Haiti earthquake recovery and cholera epidemic (HRI)
_ 2011 Mercy Corps study of inter-agency structures in emergency response
_ 2010 Appraisal of Haiti earthquake program prospects (RI, PfD)
_ 2010 World Vision Fednet partners evaluation
_ 2009 Somalia IDP crisis (out of Kenya) (HRI)
_ 2006 Tsunami lessons (AU)
_ 2005 Tsunami relief (US Congress, CSIS, USIP)
_ 2002-03 Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi impact of southern african food crisis (Georgetown)
_ 2001-2002 Evaluation of Capabilities and Efficiencies in humanitarian response for Dept of Defense
_ 1998 Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya feasibility for food aid fortification for refugees (CIDA/IDRC)
_ 1995 Mission to Assess conditions of Cuban refugees in Panama (RPG)
_ 1994-1996 Lessons of Rwanda crisis relief, & repatriation (RPG)
(Rwanda, Goma, Bukavu, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya)
_ 1994 Evaluation of food economies among Sudanese refugees in N Uganda
_ 1993-94 Impact and lessons of interagency relief to Somalia Famine (OFDA, RPG)
_ 1991 Mozambican camps, Somalia, East Africa: US Food/Nutrition in Emergencies (USAID, Datex)
_ Fitzpatrick evaluation of cost/efficiency of NGO food projects & commodities