Positive Deviance Hearth Virtual Training for Facilitators (English)

World Vision Technical Academy

January 26, 2022 - March 22, 2022
Virtual Participation Available

The Positive Deviance Hearth (PDH) for Facilitators eWorkshop is an online, facilitated learning experience for those who will implement PDH and train community volunteers facilitating PDH sessions.  It is available in English (26 January to 22 March 2022) and French (11 May to 5 July 2022) and is offered by World Vision’s Technical Academy. Please register by 11 January for the English eWorkshop.

This comprehensive programme takes you through the steps of implementing PDH from start to finish.  You will need on average one hour per day (approximately 5 hours per week) to learn over the eight weeks of the eWorkshop.

The eWorkshop uses interactive modules and a practice case study of PDH implementation, and you will also gain practical experience in the foundational steps of PDH for design during a field task. The discussion forums and tasks provide you with opportunities to engage with other learners around the globe, guided by experienced efacilitators and trainers who are subject matter experts in PDH. 

*See link for more information on French session

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