In by Avani Duggaraju


CORE Group/IMCI Working Group and MCHIP co-hosted a technical meeting Nov. 20, 2009 to analyze the lessons learned from World Relief and Plan case studies and other IMCI experiences and determine the role and positioning of the Framework in the current child health environment.  A phone survey was conducted prior to the meeting with invitees unable to attend the meeting and several other key informants in order to provide additional insight to experiences and perceptions related to the framework and the broader child health environment.

Given the evidence base and experience that has emerged over the past eight years since the development of the framework, and the new emphasis on an integrated MNCH/FP platform in the Global Health Initiative, the framework should be updated slightly / modified to make it clearer with illustrations that represent other sectoral stakeholders and new directions such as health systems strengthening and community case management. The TAG provided a set of recommendations for updating the framework, noting that all products should be finalized with key stakeholder input including WHO, UNICEF and USAID.

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