Webinar: Project Concern International’s “Transformometer”

CORE Group M&E Working Group

May 10, 2018
Virtual Participation Available

Project Concern International (PCI) set an ambitious goal for 2020 in their strategic plan – to “help transform 20 million lives”.  Counting up the number of beneficiaries is the easy part.  But what about measuring transformation?

During this webinar, Janine Schooley will share an overview of the “Transformometer”, which was designed to measure the likelihood of transformative impact at project and individual levels.  The framework assesses the transformative nature of the project itself, its dosage, actual behaviors being changed, key domains such as gender equity and wellbeing (Lives Transformed Assessment (LTA)), and participants’ perspective.  This framework has been developed and field tested in several PCI countries, and is in the process of being rolled out. Come to learn about and discuss this attempt to “measure the hard to measure” and provide your suggestions for how the “Transformometer” could be improved and/or rolled out more broadly.

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