Community-Based Malaria Treatment and Prevention: Project Palu-Alafia

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Carla Brown-Ndiaye the Country Representative for Catholic Relief Services, based in Benin West Africa presented on the Palu-Alafia project a community-based malaria treatment and prevention program March 15, 2011.

Since 2008 Catholic Relief Services has been the Prime Recipient for a Global Fund funded Malaria treatment and prevention program in Benin. CRS, in partnership with Africare, MCDI, the National Caritas of Benin and Plan International provide treatment and prevention services to over 1700 communities throughout the country.

To date, this partnership has resulted in over 650,000 children under five years old being correctly treated for malaria and over 2.5 million caregivers learning about the signs of malaria and how to prevent and treat the illness. By developing a supply chain management system and working in collaboration with the Benin government, communities have been empowered to manage this disease.

Presentation March 15, 2011

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