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Preparing African Countries for the COVID 19 Vaccine

English Videos and Animations

At the recent Africa Dialogues on COVID-19 webinar, Dalberg Advisors and Amref Health Africa in partnership with PATH and the Gavi SCO Steering Commitee hosted Dr. Richard Mihigo (Programme Manager for Vaccine Preventable Diseases, WHO AFRO), Dr. Emmanuel Mugisha (Uganda Country Director, PATH), Ms. Margaret Kilonzo (community health worker and community leader) and Dr. Chizoba Wonodi (Vice Chair, Gavi CSO Steering Committee; Nigeria Country Director, International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC), Johns Hopkins University) who shared their perspectives on the anticipated vaccine rollout, key considerations to ensure country readiness, and the need for equitable access

Africa Dialogues on COVID-19

(Multiple Languages) Glossary for COVID-19 Terminology

AfrikaansAlbanianAmharicArabicBambaraBanglaBura-PabirCebuanoChineseCzechDariDutchEnglishFarsiFrenchFulfuldeGermanHaitian CreoleHausaHindiIndonesianItalianJapaneseKanuriKibakuKoreanKurdishKurmanjiLingalaMaguindanaoMalayMandaraMaranaoMarathiMarghiMyanmarNandeNepaliNyanjaOromoPashtoPortugueseRohingyaRussianSangoSerbianSesothoSomaliSpanishSwahiliTagalogTamilThaiTigrinyaTurkishVietnameseWahaWolofYorubaZulu Live Dashboards and Trackers

This glossary has been curated, translated and maintained by Translators without Borders, as part of their COVID-19 response. It provides several common COVID-19 related terms for translation in many languages.

Translators Without Borders

Conspiracy Theory Handbook

English Reports

Communications specialists Stephan Lewandowsky and John Cook — both of whom have spent years studying conspiracist thinking particularly in regard to climate change denialism — have put together the very useful Conspiracy Theory Handbook. This document, available in four languages, delves into the hallmarks of conspiracy theories and the scientific research into why people might be susceptible to them. Download it here:

Alliance for Science

(Multiple Languages) World Coronavirus Tracker

EnglishFrenchJapanesePortugueseSpanish Live Dashboards and Trackers

Reuters is collecting daily COVID-19 infections and deaths data for 240 countries and territories around the world, updated regularly throughout each day.


Disinformation exports: How foreign anti-vaccine narratives reached West African communities online

English Reports

In West Africa, vaccine hesitancy is a particularly worrisome issue. In an AfroBarometer survey of five West African countries from March 2021, 60 per cent of respondents said they were unlikely to try to get vaccinated [9]. Mis- and disinformation make up only one component of vaccine hesitancy [10]. Yet the dominant narratives potentially contributing to vaccine hesitancy in West Africa — and the ways they are being amplified on social media — remain unexplored.

With that in mind, First Draft’s research team monitored and mapped vaccine disinformation and narratives in the region. This report is based on that monitoring and additional investigative research.

First Draft

June 23, 2021

Misinformation Management Guide

ArabicEnglishFrenchItalianSpanishTurkish Guides, Manuals, and Protocols

“Misinformation threatens the success of vaccination programs across the world. Unicef, First Draft, Yale Institute for Global Health, and PGP (The Public Good Projects) have partnered to create the Vaccine Misinformation Management Field Guide. This guide aims to help organizations to address the global infodemic through the development of strategic and well-coordinated national action plans to rapidly counter vaccine misinformation and build demand for vaccination that are informed by social listening.


Vaccine Confidence Message Brief

English Reports

The Vaccine Confidence Message Brief explores what motivates high-priority audiences to get the Covid-19 vaccine. The Rockefeller Foundation conducted both a national message testing study and focus groups among people expressing concerns about getting the vaccine—including healthcare workers and K-12 teachers. The brief includes high-level audience insights and message recommendations, aimed at motivating audiences to take action. Additionally, it offers tailored communications to reach communities of color.

The Rockefeller Foundation

COVID-19 Vaccine Education Guiding Principles

English Guides, Manuals, and Protocols

Our Vaccine Education Guiding Principles outline community engagement recommendations to support practitioners and advocates through vaccination education efforts. Improving COVID-19 vaccine confidence requires action by diverse stakeholders across the world — from the community level to the global level — to advance vaccine equity and ensure that access to vaccines actually leads to vaccination. We actively prioritize the role of vaccine education in COVID-19 response policy and advocacy.

Pandemic Action Network


English Digital Health Tools/Telehealth/AppsFactsheets & FAQs

Doctors, nurses, researchers and community health care workers provide facts and dispel misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines, in English and Spanish, in this FAQ video series from KFF with the Black Coalition Against COVID and UnidosUS.

Greater Than COVID

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