Health & Development International (HDI)

Mission / Vision
HDI’s mission is to advance world public health and human dignity, especially the health and socioeconomic situation of under-served populations which more than others are significantly constrained by preventable, degrading disease.
Building on a 23-year track record contributing to disease eradication and elimination of neglected tropical diseases, especially guinea worm diseases and lymphatic filariasis, HDI now focuses much of its energy on the rapid PREVENTION of obstetric fistula and birth-related mortality, both maternal mortality and early perinatal mortality.

Most excitingly in Niger, HDI provides technical and other assistance to the Government of Niger and its highly successful community-based program, preventing obstetric fistula and reducing maternal mortality much more rapidly than would otherwise have been possible, and now also a nationwide Initiative to Prevent Women from Bleeding to Death at Childbirth which is being rolled out in 2013-2014.

In Togo, “the American HDI” is using USAID funding to help prevent several Neglected Tropical Diseases across the whole country. More than 6.5 million doses of three medications are distributed in 5 different combinations, depending on the local prevalence of each disease. Before USAID funding became available, HDI helped Togo become the first country in Sub-Saharan Africa to completely eliminate lymphatic filariasis, so all children born in Togo today face a future free of that horrific disease.

HDI consists of two sister-organisations, one in the US and one in Norway, both of which are recognized by their respective governments as not-for-profit public charities, which means a 501(c)(3) public charity in the case of Massachusetts-registered HDI Inc.