Strategic Designer

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Full Time
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Washington DC
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Thinkplace US

• Human-centered design (HCD) thought leadership: ThinkPlace is the HCD partner of the Breakthrough ACTION consortium; you will be working across a variety of design activities, applying and sharing your expertise in co-design, design methodologies, and innovation.
• Developing social and behavior change (SBC) interventions: You will be applying your skills in design to complex, multi-faceted problems in the public health space. Working alongside consortium partners, you will be researching, testing and implementing interventions that benefit target audiences.
• Facilitation: You can facilitate end users and senior stakeholders from diverse backgrounds confidently and instil confidence through expert judgement in navigating workshop dialogues.
• Leading people: You will build cohesion within the project teams you lead. You can mobilize people and get the very best out of them, giving them autonomy and space to be imaginative and innovative, and give them focused direction when they need it.
• Generating new work and services: You will work with clients to understand their business objectives and challenges quickly and thoroughly, enabling you to generate new innovative opportunities.
• Project management: You know how to lead projects, inspire confidence in clients, create a sense of vision and direction for teams. You can dive into a messy process and make sure it does what it needs to do and makes what it needs to make.
• Building senior relationships: You can work with a wide range of people, including senior government officials, subject matter experts, donor organizations and NGO/business executive groups. You seek to understand their needs, their strategic context, and deliver things that will further their mission, and you are trusted by them.
• You are a strategic design thinker with experience working with complex systems and/or innovation challenges. You have taken initiatives through a whole cycle, from setting the project intent and exploratory research, to solution formulation and implementation.


• Full professional fluency in French • 3+ years of professional experience in environments where you have worked on multidisciplinary teams •Project management and strategic design experience, with the ability to prepare, negotiate and manage budgets, project plans and deliverables • Strong people management skills, with the ability to lead teams across time zones through complex challenges • Willingness and ability to travel internationally ~ 50% of the time for project work outside the US (pending travel restrictions due to COVID 19) • Ability to lead novice/inexperienced teams through a design process • Optimism that allows you to be flexible and adaptable, you bring resiliency and tenacity, and thrive in ambiguous situations • Amazing human-centered design expertise, from qualitative research and synthesis to ideation, prototyping, and implementation and the ability to translate this across cultural and subject matter contexts


1. A cover letter (one page limit) or a short video (max. 3 minutes) telling us a bit about yourself and why you want to work at ThinkPlace US 2. A resume/ CV 3. Clarify if now or in the future you require sponsorship to work in the U.S. and your ability to relocate to DC in the short term