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1. Background

Since 1943, CRS has served with the mission to alleviate human suffering, advance full human development and foster charity and justice in the world. Serving over 125 million people in 114 countries, CRS implements programs involving an array of technical sectors, including health and social services, microfinance, justice and peacebuilding, capacity strengthening of partners, education, water, environment and sanitation, agriculture and livelihoods, and emergency response and recovery. Social and behavior change (SBC) is foundational to all the work that CRS does, and promoting change at the individual, household and social level is essential for lasting impact. However, country programs and sectors draw from different resources and frameworks when developing their SBC work as CRS does not have a singular, organizational approach to SBC that is relevant to all of its programmatic sectors.
In many fields such as behavioral economics, psychology, marketing, as well as in international development, there is an increasing appreciation for the importance of applying principles of behavioral science and human centered design to programs aimed as shifting norms and behaviors in order to achieve sustainable impact. Additionally, there is a multitude of frameworks, resources, and tools related to social and behavior change that have emerged within and across development sectors. One of the challenges inherent in this evolution concerns harmonizing the terminology, tools, and frameworks used by different fields so that evidence and best practices can be more easily captured and documented, and that a singular approach can be used across technical sectors within an institution.

2. Purpose

The purpose of this consultancy is to develop a CRS-specific framework and user manual for Social and Behavior Change that is inclusive of and relevant to all of the programmatic sectors in which CRS operates so that all staff are using shared terminology, processes and technical approaches. These tools will be key technical resources that country programs can utilize to lead them through a standardized project design process and aid them in understanding key elements of social and behavior change. Although SBC is often rooted in the public health context, this tool should be equally understandable and relevant to all of the programmatic sectors in which CRS operates. More background, resources and specific guidance related to the deliverables will be provided to the consultant upon finalization of the contract.
3. Specific Tasks

The consultant will work closely with the Senior Technical Advisor for SBC in order to draft and ultimately finalize a CRS Framework for SBC and accompanying user manual. Specific tasks will include;
• Reviewing existing internal CRS documents, resources, and tools
• Reviewing external SBC resources from multiple fields and sectors
• Consulting with CRS key informants across multiple sectors to understand the needs of framework users
• Having regular calls with the Senior Technical Advisor for SBC in order to discuss process and progress toward deliverables
• Developing an outline of the SBC framework
• Drafting the framework and incorporating multiple rounds of feedback from internal reviewers
• Finalizing the framework, and
• Developing a User’s Manual to accompany the finalized framework

4. Deliverables

Deliverables for the consultancy will include the following items;
1) Outline of framework
2) Drafts of framework (two drafts anticipated)
3) Finalized framework
4) User Manual

5. Period of Performance

CRS will engage the consultant for 30 non-consecutive days from September through November 2020 to develop the deliverables described above. The consultant will work remotely and is expected to have reliable internet access, with weekly check-ins with the Senior Technical Advisor for SBC.

• Advanced degree in public health, communications, social science, international development, social or behavioral studies, or another relevant field • Minimum 10 years’ experience in international development with a focus on programs aimed at social and behavior change • Extensive knowledge of existing social and behavior change tools, frameworks, theories, and resources • Experience with at least three of the programmatic sectors covered by CRS, as noted above • Demonstrated ability to analyze diverse data and resources and produce well-written technical guidance. • Excellent English written communication skills.
Please send a CV and writing sample to by August 7, 2020