SBC Consultant for Mediar, Lebanon

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Consultant’s Home and in Beirut and Bekaa, Lebanon
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Consultant required for Lebanon’s Healthy Family, Peaceful House SBC Package, 2017
A consultancy opportunity for a consultant with experience in Social and Behavior Change Communication to design materials for health promotion and to deliver training for Medair’s health and nutrition projects in Lebanon.
Organisation requiring the consultancy service: Medair
Location of work: Consultant’s Home and in Beirut and Bekaa, Lebanon
Timeframe: To be available in country as soon as possible for approximately 32 days (exact dates TBD between consultant and Medair).
Project Title: Training and Materials Development for Healthy Family, Peaceful House
Project description: In Lebanon, Medair currently implements a health project with funding from Swiss Solidarity. The aim of the project is to provide Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese access to life-saving primary health care in Social Development Centre (SDC) clinics and promote behavior change through the Community Health Program, facilitated by Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) and Community Midwives (CMW) in the Bekaa Valley. This phase of the project is an 18-month project.
The project has 3 immediate outcomes:
1. Improved access for vulnerable women, girls, boys and men (WGBM) to lifesaving primary health care services, including mental health and psychosocial services
2. Improved quality of health care services provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs SDCs and strengthened capacity to respond to the increased health needs
3. Increased health, nutrition and hygiene awareness and practice of key preventative behaviors for vulnerable women, girls, boys and men (WGBM).
Swiss Solidarity has been the lead donor supporting Medair’s health program in Lebanon since 2015, providing Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese access to life-saving primary health care in Social Development Centre (SDC) clinics and promoting behaviour change through the Community Health Program. This support has seen the program grow from four to ten health clinics, reaching areas in the Bekaa Valley with high numbers of refugees (approximately 346,565 Syrian refugees ) and limited health care services, and the integration of a highly effective Community Midwife (CMW) program into the Community Health Program.
One key deliverable in this project is making change in social and behavioral norms that can positively impact reproductive healthcare for women and increase access to medical and psychosocial support services for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence.
Purpose of the consultancy: Medair and partners require a Healthy Family, Peaceful House (HFPH) package. The vision for this package is comprehensive compilation of messages and training material on Reproductive Health (RH), Maternal and Neonatal and Child Health (MNCH), Psychosocial Services (PSS) and Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) topics. The HFPH package (or manual) will be implemented by two modalities: one is community health volunteers who visit households up to 4 times during an individual’s pregnancy and post-partum period and the other is through Care Group Volunteers who are linked to Care Group Champions within CBOs in areas with Syrian refugee and vulnerable host populations.
Medair are currently providing health and some MHPSS services. The materials currently used in these programs for community outreach, health promotion, and training will be shared with the consultant and additional material may need to be identified and shared. The consultant should ensure the HFPH packages are comprehensive (addressing the various health issues within the household and communities) and based on evidence-based practice, and are developed with input from and informed by the targeted beneficiaries.

The consultant will need to have a masters’ degree in public health, communications, marketing or similar with demonstrable experience in social and behaviour change communication in global health. A strong proficiency in English is essential and an ability to converse in Arabic would be an advantage.
Interested consultants are asked to provide a quotation for the consultancy services outlined in the Terms of reference. They should add a description of their capacities in a CV, showing their experience especially previous similar outcomes; references; an example of a similar piece of work; and indicate their fluency in English and other languages. Quotations should be sent to and in copy by November 3rd, 2017. If those receiving this Call for a Healthy Family, Peaceful House Consultant are aware of other possible interested candidates, Medair would appreciate being informed of these.