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Full Time
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Bamako, Mali
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Muso’s mission is to eliminate preventable deaths rooted in poverty. We build health systems to save lives by reaching patients faster, within hours of the moment they become sick. Muso has spent more than a decade iterating on our Proactive Care model, preparing it for scale. We have documented rapid health improvements across the populations we serve: a 2018 study found that communities we reach in Mali, which previously saw some of the world’s highest child mortality rates, sustained the lowest child mortality rate in sub-Saharan Africa for five years and ultimately reached a rate on par with that of the United States.

Just as patients deserve medications that have been proven to work, so do communities deserve health systems that have proven efficacy. For Muso, rigorous measurement is our moral responsibility. We test our impact at a population level, to assess how the health of entire communities changes. We do this by conducting rigorous scientific studies with academic partners.

At Muso, the Research Manager…
• Assists the Director of Research Monitoring & Evaluation in the creation and implementation of the overall strategic research agenda for Muso, including future research directions.
• Leads the creation of annual plans and budgets for the research portfolio of the Department of Research Monitoring & Evaluation, aligned with long-term strategic goals.
• Builds, leads and supervises a team of researchers and study coordinators to ensure quality and alignment across the entire research portfolio.
• Tracks progress of the research team to deliver on its goals and priorities, adjusting plans and budgets as needed to achieve overall strategy.
• Supports growth of the research team through mentorship, supervision, feedback, and identifying and advocating for professional development opportunities for team members. Provides supervision and mentorship through at least weekly check-ins with direct reports.
• Oversees all research study implementation, sampling, tool development, data collection, and data quality assurance, at various field sites. Depending on the study in question, the Research Manager either directly owns or manages study coordinators in these procedures.
• Contributes to high-impact data analysis, interpretation of results and paper writing.
• Identifies and participates in opportunities for dissemination of research findings to local, national, global audiences at academic, practitioner or policymaker conferences and meetings.
• Assists the Institutional Partnerships Manager of the Development team in identifying, writing, and reporting on applications for research-specific grants.
• Collaborates closely with other departments to integrate research priorities and results into organizational practice, technical assistance and advocacy.
• Monitors spend-down of the research budget, identifying opportunities for cost-savings as well as unanticipated costs that require further mobilization of funds.
• Ensures the administrative functioning of the research portfolio, with the help of the Research Assistant.
• Fosters relationships with external research collaborators, including technology developers, government partners, data analysts and academics, ensuring meaningful consultation and accountability.
• Works in tandem with other members of the Department of Research Monitoring & Evaluation, notably the Monitoring & Evaluation Manager and Data Scientist to ensure integration and coordination across research, monitoring and evaluation, data operations and analytics.

You need to have
  • Exemplary doer-manager with a proven ability to simultaneously manage an independent portfolio as well as a team of people in order to set and meet deadlines and achieve goals.
  • Expertise in health systems and epidemiologic research design, methodology and analysis.
  • Proven ability to think through all elements of a study, from conception to dissemination.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English; professional proficiency in French.
  • Exceptional organizational and time management skills.
  • Proven ability to problem-solve proactively and take initiative.
  • Quick learner and resourceful on the job.
You will impress us if you have
  • Master’s in public health, epidemiology, demography, or equivalent.
  • 2+ years professional work experience in a similar role.
  • Experience in training and building capacity among other researchers.
  • Experience with writing study protocols, ethical committee applications, grants, and manuscripts in English or French.
  • Experience with designing and testing data collection tools.
  • Experience with collecting, organising, and analysing qualitative and quantitative data (e.g. survey results and key-informant interviews).
  • Professional experience conducting data analysis using Stata or other equivalent statistical software.
  • Demonstrated commitment to healthcare as a human right and social justice.
To Apply: Please submit a cover letter and CV to with subject line "Research Manager". Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. The application deadline is rolling, but interested applicants are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Muso is an equal opportunity employer.