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CORE Group


CORE, Inc. (CORE Group) is a leader in global community health, working to end preventable maternal, newborn, and child deaths around the world. We have a comparative advantage through collaborative action to promote and safeguard health in communities and create new models for reaching the most marginalized populations. As a neutral, trusted platform for a coalition of more than 100 members, we work together with the broader global health community to foster collaboration and learning, strengthen technical capacity, develop innovative tools and resources, and scale evidence-based approaches to improving health. Learn more here:

CORE Group has partnered with Save the Children and Medair on a USAID/OFDA-funded initiative to address the operational evidence gaps around health and nutrition in the humanitarian-development nexus, research existing interventions, and turn this research into actionable recommendations.  CORE Group aims to improve the understanding of transition points within dynamic states of protracted conflict, which inherently fluctuate between humanitarian relief and development, and vice versa. Through in-depth research, stakeholder engagement, and strategic collaboration, this initiative will engage humanitarian and development actors around the question: What tools and guidance exist, work, and/or need to be created to smooth the transition between the humanitarian and development approaches to save, sustain and support life?


In response to the evidence gaps identified in CORE Group’s recent stakeholder analysis and literature review, Save the Children and Medair have developed four case studies to strengthen the evidence base in three identified themes within the humanitarian-development nexus:

  • Health system strengthening strategies in protracted conflict areas;
  • Adaptation of community-level health service approaches in public health emergencies; and
  • Improving health service delivery transitions in chronic complex emergencies utilizing a health service delivery exit matrix tool.

The Consultant will 1) develop one thematic brief (3-5 pages) to be used by in-country program teams working on health systems strengthening; 2) consolidate program methodology and secondary findings in a final report for multi-level stakeholders (7-10 pages); and 3) with the support of CORE Group, lead the collection and integration of feedback on the thematic briefs from three in-country partner agencies to assess the feasibility and application the output.

The Consultant will report to the HDTF Program Manager and the Executive Director. The expected start date is September 2, 2019 through December 16, 2019 for a total of 15-20 days.


Deliverable 1: Draft One Thematic Brief (5 days)

Develop a 3-5-page document capturing the lessons from two case studies on system effects of Save the Children’s Emergency Health Projects in Sudan and Pakistan as well as a cross-country analysis report on both case studies. This thematic brief will be added to a series of two other thematic briefs being developed on different topics that relate to the humanitarian-development nexus.

Primary Audience: in-country operational teams to be used as a reference during periods of program transition and/or re-design. Each thematic brief should include contextual conditions in which the recommendations would be most appropriately applied.

  • Work with the HDTF co-chairs and CORE Group Team to solicit feedback and create a participatory process at key milestones of the report writing process

Deliverable 2: Draft Report (3 days) 

Synthesize key learnings and secondary findings into a draft report (7-10 pages).  The report should include an introduction, executive summary, methodology, overarching strategic recommendations to advance research and operational recommendations within each theme, further areas for continued research to strengthen the humanitarian-development nexus sphere.

  • Include all three thematic briefs, which includes deliverable 1 and 2 thematic briefs externally developed, as an annex to the final report
  • Prepare a presentation to the Technical Consultation Group and HDTF to review the draft guidelines; facilitate a discussion of findings and solicit constructive feedback

Deliverable 3: Collect data from two consultation rounds with field-based partners (6 days)

With support of CORE Group, facilitate the creation and delivery of two consultation processes within two separate country contexts to elicit feedback on the developed brief on health system strengthening (deliverable 1).

  • Outline of the methodology for data collection for each consultation round
  • Summarize the input from each consultation round
  • Participation in one internal co-chair meeting to report on the feedback process

Deliverable 4: Finalize the Thematic Briefs & Draft Report (2 days)  

Revise the thematic briefs and finalize the report based on collective feedback from all available consultation rounds (Deliverable 3), as well as input from the co-chairs and CORE Group team.

  • Periodic meetings with co-chairs of the HDTF and CORE team, as needed
  • Undergo at least three rounds of revision based on collective feedback, if necessary

Deliverable 5: Presentation of Program Learnings (2 days)

Participate in a final meeting to present report findings to CORE’s Technical Review Group and the HDTF; contribute to stimulating discussion around each thematic brief and continued research with the Humanitarian-Development nexus

  • Join internal co-chairs meetings, as appropriate, to cull learnings from the project and process
  • Participate in the development of the dissemination plan for the thematic briefs


The Consultant will report directly to the Executive Director and the Program Manager. S/he will be compensated for services based on CORE Group’s acceptance of quality deliverables, based on an agreed upon schedule. There will be no negotiation of the timetable for deliverables.  Consultant rate will be verified by Biodata form. Payment will be made upon submission of a detailed invoice listing work by date with key tasks rendered on behalf of CORE and acceptance of outlined quality deliverables.

Click here for the PDF version of the job description.

S/he must possess strong remote management skills, professional writing and communication skills and have advanced knowledge and experience working with complex themes within the humanitarian-development nexus. The ideal candidate would have extensive experience in conducting research, analysizing qualitative and quantitative data, and operational experience in complex settings. The ideal candidate possesses a PhD, but Master’s level is the minimum acceptable education level. The candidate must have a history of keeping within budget and timelines.
To Apply: Please submit a resume/CV, cover letter, and 2 writing samples of relevant work. Three references must be provided in the application to attest to work history, work quality, ability to meet deadlines and keep within budgets. Please email these materials to Use “HDTF Consultant” as the subject line. No phone calls please. Only potential interviewees will be contacted.