Nutrition-Sensitive Agricultural Program Organizational Capacity Advisor

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Remote -OR- Raleigh, NC
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Rise Against Hunger

Estimated Level of Effort: 10 days

Rise Against Hunger (RAH) is driven by the vision of a world without hunger. We are growing a global movement to end hunger by Empowering Communities, Nourishing Lives and Responding to Emergencies. RAH has a growing portfolio of programs aimed at eliminating chronic hunger and malnutrition around the world through sustainable community development that addresses the drivers of food insecurity. Our food and nutrition security programs are keen to design effective nutrition-sensitive agriculture programs.

Rise Against Hunger is currently seeking an Organizational Capacity Nutrition Consultant. The Consultant will support Rise Against Hunger’s Nutrition Technical Advisor on developing processes that support the designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating of Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture programs. This will be a targeted scope of work as stated below:

The Work:
Address priorities for the integration of nutrition into agriculture and value-chain activities.
Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture Value Chains:
Legumes (soy, sesame, groundnuts, etc.)
Animal source food, including dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese), fish, eggs, organ meats, meat, flesh foods, and other miscellaneous small animal protein (e.g., grubs, insects)
Dark yellow or orange-fleshed root or tuber
Fruit or vegetable that meets the threshold for being a “high source” of one or more micronutrients on a per 100 calorie and per 100 gram basis
Biofortified foods
Provide guidance and work through examples of Nutrition-Sensitive Programing detailing budgets, timelines, and work plans.

The consultant and RAH’s Nutrition Technical Advisor will produce a toolkit of relevant processes, templates, and considerations related to Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture programming

  • Must have 5+ years of experience implementing Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture programs.
  • Prior curriculum development and/or training of trainers for extension programming required.
  • Prior experience in Sub-Saharan Africa experience is preferred.
  • Demonstrated expertise providing mentoring, coaching and training is a plus.
Email Chelsie Kolberg, Nutrition Technical Advisor with Rise Against Hunger, at: