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Remote Planning and Nairobi, Kenya during the Conference
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CORE Group


CORE, Inc. (CORE Group) is a leader in global community health, working to end preventable maternal, newborn, and child deaths around the world. We have a comparative advantage through collaborative action to promote and safeguard health in communities and create new models for reaching the most marginalized populations. As a neutral, trusted platform for a coalition of more than 100 members, we work together with the broader global health community to foster collaboration and learning, strengthen technical capacity, develop innovative tools and resources, and scale evidence-based approaches to improving health. Learn more here:

Job Description:

The Global Health Practitioner Conference (GHPC) is CORE Group’s flagship annual event that brings together over 300 implementers, academics, donors, private sector, and other community health advocates  for peer learning and networking. This multi-day, content rich meeting features knowledge sharing and skills building sessions, state-of-the-art updates on maternal and child health, dialogues on community health, and Working Group planning, all led by CORE Group’s Technical Working Groups and Interest Groups in collaboration with partner institutions, government ministries, UN, and other stakeholders.

CORE Group will hold its first global community health conference in Nairobi, Kenya on October 14-16, 2019 at the Safari Park Hotel & Casino. A Global Planning Committee will lead the conference theme selection and related tracks, with input from CORE Group’s membership and guidance from a Conference Organizer and Facilitator and CORE Group’s Executive Director (ED). The conference must meet the global community’s expectations, be focused on improving the quality of community health, and offer practical tools and information to improve practitioner skills.

The Conference Organizer will work with CORE Group and the Global Planning Committee in choosing and developing a theme and related tracks; conduct regular planning calls,  collecting and assessing session submissions (abstracts); communicating with presenters; finalizing the agenda; and organizing any special requests from presenters and panelists. The Conference Organizer will also help with coordination of volunteer and CORE Group Staff responsibilities at the conference, including support of presenters and facilitation of sessions where necessary. The consultant will also oversee online evaluations and write and support production of a final report post conference. The consultant will be asked to report out on discussions, key messages and next steps that occur during plenaries and concurrent sessions, as well as offer a strategy to best capture these points.

CORE Group, specifically the Operations & Accounts Manager, will handle the logistical arrangements including hotel contracting, registration, supplies, travel for the consultant, and staff support during the conference, with assistance and input from the consultant. General communications, including the program booklet, will be handled by CORE Group’s Knowledge Management (KM) & Communications team, with assistance and input from the consultant, and a Communications and Outreach Consultant.

General responsibilities will include, but not be limited to the following:

Prior to the Conference:

  1. In collaboration with CORE Group Staff, lead the content of the conference planning and coordination with the Global Planning Committee & CORE Group Members.
    • Meet with CORE Group staff to verify roles / responsibilities.
    • Meet with the CORE Group Executive Director to understand history, strategy, and vision of the conference
    • Lead Global Planning Committee calls.
    • Identify key sub-committees with Global Planning Committee and CORE Group.
    • Encourage and facilitate input and support agenda development.
    • Provide input into conference objectives related to the selected theme and input.
    • Solicit and recommend ideas to make the conference energizing and participatory.
    • Participate in discussions of any pre- or post- Conference sessions as needed.
  2. Work with the Session Organizers, Global Planning Committee, and CORE Group Staff to:
    • Draft and edit agenda to maximize engagement of attendees
    • Assist in the organization and selection of the Concurrent sessions with a technical committee and the ED
    • Supervise design of concurrent and plenary sessions with identified Session Organizers.
    • Coordinate design and solicitation of feedback on draft agenda content and the final agenda content.
    • Design one or more sessions if needed; assist with session quality and review.
    • Provide input to conference advertising strategy to maximize participants/attendance
  3. Work with session organizers and presenters to:
    • Ensure each person receives CORE Group guidance on session design, requirements, participation, etc.
    • Ensure that all session organizers are on track in terms of recruiting others and designing a session that includes, at a minimum, one participatory activity and other required criteria.
    • Ensure that all presenters are aware of the CORE Group mission and philosophy, and that content being presented is in line with the collaborative nature of the CORE Group Membership.
    • Manage special requests from presenters, staying on top of and delegating visa and travel issues, substitutions, and any other needs.
  4. Support CORE Group Staff to:
    • Collect information for conference booklet, including a brief description of each session, brief bios from all presenters, and any unique (not standard) materials / AV needs for each session (all due by end of August).
    • Ensure final agenda and program information is available by September 1 and check information for accuracy continuously.
    • Copy editing and proofreading of the program booklet, as necessary.
    • Provide input for conference evaluations and review evaluation format.
    • Lead creation of “Facilitator’s Agenda” including opening and closing activities, transitions, and other networking facilitation as necessary.

During the Conference:

  • Serve as the overall conference organizer, facilitator, and manager at the conference, October 14th-16th, 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Coordinate with Operations & Accounts Manager to make sure volunteer responsibilities, as well as responsibilities and procedures for speakers, session organizers, and CORE Group Staff are clearly defined and communicated.
  • Serve as a facilitator for one or more sessions depending on the final agenda.
  • Help conduct energizers/ice-breakers that engage the audience, make daily announcements, keep time, introduce sessions, moderate plenary sessions and facilitate discussion as needed.
  • Lead a process with CORE Group staff to make any daily scheduling adjustments if presenters’ availability changes or to respond to participant needs.
  • Ensure all activities occur in a timely and efficient manner during the conference. Foresee possible issues and troubleshoot issues that may arise during conference as needed to run smoothly and on schedule.
  • Support presenters, session organizers, and Working Groups as needed.
  • Support and ensure that plan for post-conference report is executed.

After the Conference:

  • Support follow-up tasks post Conference
  • Develop a report analyzing and summarizing evaluations, as well as key next steps and takeaways from the conference
  • Participate in a debriefing activity with CORE Group staff.
  • Send “thank you” emails and follow-up as necessary to presenters and session organizers


The consultant will be compensated for services based on CORE Group’s acceptance of deliverables, based on an agreed upon schedule. Consultant rate will be verified by Biodata form. Payment will be made upon submission of a detailed invoice listing work by date with key tasks rendered on behalf of CORE Group and acceptance of any deliverable.

Administrative expenses for phone calls, parking for the duration of the conference at the venue, and other allowable expenses will not exceed an agreed amount. Travel arrangements and accommodations will be coordinated with CORE Group Staff and pre-paid by CORE Group when possible. Those expenses will be reimbursed up to the per diem rate with receipts, as well as meals and incidentals while traveling and on-site for the conference. CORE Group reserves the right to request documentation of all calls and invoiced time.

Access the word copy of the job description here.


  • Knowledge of community health approaches used in the NGO community
  • Prior experience in global health event planning, meeting design and organization of agenda
  • Prior experience in planning a conference outside of the US
  • Prior experience in group facilitation and participatory action planning
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills in English
  • High level of organization skills
Please send your resume and cover letter, highlighting conference organizing experience, to Please use “Nairobi, Kenya Conference Organizer/Facilitator” as the subject line – no phone calls please. Only potential interviewees will be contacted.